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Sdr Stationsvej 3

The property is located in the city center of Slagelse, a city of 32000 inhabitants, a 45 minute drive west of Copenhagen. The property is the centerpiece in the municipality's plans for the future development of Slagelse and for the moment the University of Southern Denmark is the largest tenant.

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Silesia Business Park A

This property is located in Katowice just west of the CBD. The property enjoys excellent public transportation options with 9 bus and 6 tram lines. The property has high technical standards and designed with high efficiency in mind and each floorplate is functional and provides for flexibility in...

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The property is located adjacent to the local shopping center Nørrebro Station. The building was completely redeveloped and refurbished in 2008-2009 which turned it into an attractive multi-tenant office complex. The complex is a local landmark that attracts designers, consultants, media compani...

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This retail property is located in Hinna Park/Jåttevågen between Stavange city center and Sola Airport, Forus and Sandnes. Being the only shopping center at Hinna Park, Stadionparken has a good position with regards to the ongoing expansion of the area. With more than 20 shops, 400 parking spac...

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Korkeavuorenkadun Tähti

Korkeavuorenkatu 34 property was built in 1960 and is located in Helsinki CBD. The property is an office building that consists of six aboveground floors and two cellar floors with storage space and a small parking garage. Korkeavuorenkatu 34 has been thoroughly renovated in 2001. The building al...

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Porkkalankadun Torni

Porkkalankatu 3 property comprises one building which was completed in 1986 as new headquarters for Kemira Oyj, who is still the main tenant. The property consists of eight above-ground floors, one attic and two basement floors. The above-ground floors are mainly in office use. In addition, the m...

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Strandtorget is located right outside Lillehammer city center and is the only large shopping center in the area. The property has more than 60 shops with a variety of selections and more than 1000 parking spaces. The shopping center is easy accessible with bus and also by foot as it takes 8-10 mi...

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Paciuksenkadun Arvo

The property is located in Meilahti, ~4.5 km north-west of central Helsinki in a commercial and residential area. The property was built in 1998 and is a five storey office building with an underground parking garage. The building consist of a sauna and meeting premises on the top floor. The main...

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Festningen is a small office building located in Strandtorget Handelspark.

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The unique office property is located in the attractive North Harbor area in Copenhagen. It was designed by Utzon Architects and constructed in 2000/2004.

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