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Hansa City Retail Property

The property is located in Hansa City Retail Park, which has become the number one regional retail destination in Kalmar. The property consists of two retail buildings and a big parking area for visitors.

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The property is located centrally in Glostrup, west of Copenhagen, adjacent to the commuter train station and two local shopping centers.

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Birkerød is an attractive residential town located north of Copenhagen with a population of approximately 20,000. The residential units constitute two different types. Some of the apartments are very attractive newly built high quality apartments and some are more average quality apartments in b...

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Næstved is located approximately one hour south west of Copenhagen and has a population of approximately 40,000. The houses are located in the Holmegaard area that has been dominated by the large glasswork industry for centuries. The area has historical buildings that were refurbished in 2008-20...

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Hyllinge Retail Property

Hyllinge is a hypermarket retail property located in Hyllinge Retail Park next to Familia Shopping Centre along the E4 highway between Helsingborg and Åstorp. The property consists of one main building with three rental units all on one floor. The original property was constructed in 1963 and was r...

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Albertslund Office Property

The property was originally built in 1982 and a significant refurbishment and expansion with the addition of an attractive open central atrium was undertaken in 2005. It is located in a well-established business area, 12 kilometers west of central Copenhagen. The property is fully let to the G4S ...

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Vanløse Office Property

The Property was built in 1995 as the headquarters for a pharmaceutical company. When the company left, the Property was acquired by Holberg Fenger and underwent a total refurbishment in 2010. The Property was also extended to comprise a total size of 6,675 sqm distributed on four floors and a ba...

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Fairway House

The property was completed in 2009 and is a modern and efficient multi-tenant office property distributed on seven floors and a basement. The property has excellent macro and micro location in Ørestaden business district between the Copenhagen city center and Copenhagen Airport and near to the m...

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Holte Office Porperty

The Property was originally constructed in 1994 as the headquarters for the Danish service giant ISS. Today IBM is the sole tenant. It is located in scenic and green suburban surroundings just north of Copenhagen. In connection with the re-letting to IBM the Property has undergone an extensive re...

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The property is located in a well-established commercial area with close proximity to the motorway junction with easy access by car from all direction as well as good bus and train connections. The building was completed in 2009 and is a modern, flexible and high quality multi-tenant office build...

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