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Keilaranta 7

Keilaranta 7 waterfront property is located in Espoo ~ 9 km from Helsinki CBD. The property comprises 4 above-ground floors and 1 basement floor. The basement floor comprises car-park premises with 115 parking spaces. Meeting premises and a reception as well as a café and sauna premises are loca...

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5,900 sqm office/warehouse property located directly adjacent to the modern multi tenant office property (Vandtårnsvej 83, Søborg), that was acquired by Niam in December 2013. The property was previously a scrap metal facility, but now the storage/warehouse premises have been sublet.

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Mora Retail Property

The property is located in Noret, the main external shopping destination in the Mora region with a large catchment area. The transaction includes two new buildings in very good condition, built in 2014 and 2016. The tenants include the well-known brands including Rusta, Jula, Elgiganten, ÖoB, In...

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Life Science Center Keilaniemi

Acquisition of a prime office asset in the Keilaniemi area, built 2004-2008 with high profile tenants such as state-owned IT service company CSC and global giants Bayer, Capgemini, Ratiopharm and Konica Minolta. The asset is an add-on to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Office Portfolio.

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CPH Business Park

The multi-tenant office property has a lettable area of 67,250 sqm located in Avedøre Holme, an artificial island south of Copenhagen close to the highway and Copenhagen Airport. It was constructed in 1982 in connection with the expansion of the highway system around greater Copenhagen.

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Mankkaa Business Park

The property is located in the Helsinki metropolitan area and was built in two phases between 2004 and 2007. Tower 1 has seven floors and comprises around 10,500 sqm of lettable area and Tower 2 has nine floors and comprises around 7,800 sqm of lettable area. The property has a gym for the tenant, a...

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The property is located in the Helsinki metropolitan area and was built in 2004 as headquarters for CGI in Finland. The building has seven floors providing space for 1,200 employees. The office is modern and of high technological standard and the layout is flexible with no fixed internal walls, whic...

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Da Vinci Parken

The property is located on the outskirts of the city center of Aalborg with a 15 minute ride to the city center. The area is developing rapidly with several large residential projects. The buildings range from 2 to 3 stories and next to the apartments are several storage opportunities as well as par...

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Stockholm Residential Development

The property is located on Kungsholmen, the western part of central Stockholm. The location is ideal for residential properties with close proximity to the water and green area, schools, shops etc. The buildings are now being converted into premium residential apartments, with the first clients m...

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Roskilde Office Property

The largest part of the property is dated back the 1880´s and is located in the center of Roskilde. The Roskilde Office Property served as headquarters to Roskilde Bank and was taken over by FS when the bank collapsed in 2008. Significant investments were made in refurbishing, dividing and relet...

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