Niam actively manages its property investments and often times active property management has an impact on our tenants and the local community, especially when significant changes at the property or a new property development are proposed. To ensure a successful development process for our properties, Niam actively communicates with tenants, neighbors, city planners, politicians, authorities and investors in order to understand their interests. Niam has a staff of experienced project development managers that utilizes an extensive network of architects and consultants, such as biologists and traffic planners, when developing our properties.

If you want to sell properties to Niam please contact Johan Berfenstam (Sweden), Pekka Salakka (Finland), Kristian Krogh (Denmark) or Kjell Sagstad (Norway).

If you want to buy properties from Niam please contact Rikard Henriksson.



Property name Type City Country
Kaari Shopping Center Retail Helsinki
Strömpilen Retail Property Retail Umeå Sweden
Hansa City Retail Property Retail Kalmar Sweden
Tietgens Have Office Copenhagen
Datavej Office Birkeröd Denmark
Vejlevej Office Fredericia Denmark
Holte Office Property Office Copenhagen
Hyllinge Retail Property Retail Hyllinge
Ingelsta Retail Property Retail Norrköping Sweden
Holmegaard Residential Næstved
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