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Näsby Castle Residential Development, Sweden

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Näsby Castle Residential Development

The property is located in the municipality of Täby, approximately 10 kilometers north of Stockholm. The property enjoys a waterfront location with beautiful surroundings and close proximity to several leisure activities such as Djursholm’s golf club and a boat club. The location is only a 30 minute commute from Stockholm CBD and is also easily accessible by car.

The main building on the property is Näsby Castle, which was erected in 1665 by the famous Swedish architect Nikodemus Tessin. The castle also houses valuable pieces of art by some of Sweden’s most prominent artists. Näsby Castle was used for military purposes during the second half of the 20th century and is now operated as a hotel and conference venue. At acquisition, the property comprised of 27 buildings with a lettable area of ~17,500 sqm and a land area of ~311,000 sqm.

Niam Norra Parken

Together with the municipality of Täby, Niam completed a rezoning process. The plan came into legal force during fall of 2018 and Niam started developing residential buildings in the north-west part of the property, as well as in north part of the castle garden. In the southern part of the property, several residential houses for people over the age of 55 and a care home will be constructed. All residential units will be sold to private persons. The area will also be developed in order to create a vibrant, pleasant and attractive environment for residents and visitors. This includes recreation areas along the water and extended services at the hotel.  Historically, the entire area has been privately owned and zoned for military purposes, but when Niam develops the property, we will ensure that the beach area, field and streets are available for public access.

Näsby Slottspark Terrass

The project is expected to be completed in 2022.

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Hans Lisserkers
Head of Project Development, Sweden
+46 8 5175 8511