Sida 1


48 residential units built in 1987, located close to the University of Southern Denmark.

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Residential complex, comprising 19 newly built apartments, located in a new highly attractive residential area on the harbor front.

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The property contains of two building structures with a total lettable area of 10,409 sqm divided between 112 residential units and 15 commercial units. The property is located in the city center of Horsens and the retail units on the ground floor has a good exposure to a highly trafficked main stre...

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The property, constructed in 1988, is located in the city center of Silkesborg and has a total lettable area of 5,072 sqm divided between 57 residential, and 2 commercial units.

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Located in an attractive residential area with proximity to the central train station in Viborg, and the city center. Total lettable area amounts to 7,281 sqm divded between 107 residential units.

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Horsens Office Property

The property was constructed by the municipality in 1999 in the southern edge of the city center and was one of the first structures constructed in the expansion of the core city center. The property contains two interconnected building sections split in four building structures and is let to public...

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Aviabulevardi Office Property

The Asset is the first building in the new Aviapolis area which is being constructed around the recently opened Aviapolis train station, in the Vantaa area within the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The building is of superb technical standards and has been certified with LEED Gold and the floor plans a...

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HD Ejendomme

Real estate portfolio consisting of approximately 2,000 residential units and 73 commercial properties, located across Denmark. The majority of the residential units were constructed within the last 15 years and are diversified in terms of type (urban townhouses, apartments, and houses) and by locat...

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Residential portfolio divided between 171 units in 11 locations within the municipality of Randers in Jutland, Denmark. The units are a mix of apartments and houses.

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Keilaranta 7

Keilaranta 7 waterfront property is located in Espoo ~ 9 km from Helsinki CBD. The property comprises 4 above-ground floors and 1 basement floor. The basement floor comprises car-park premises with 115 parking spaces. Meeting premises and a reception as well as a café and sauna premises are loca...

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