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Suurpelto Retail Property

Suurpelto Retail Property is located in the attractive Suurpelto area in Espoo, in the western part of Helsinki. The asset is located at the exit of Ring Road II, providing excellent efficiency for consumers on their way home. Suurpelto Retail Property comprises of 4,534 sqm of retail, restaurant an...

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Kolding Office Property

The Business Park consists of four separate properties/building structures, constructed between 2003 and 2009. Lettable area in the four buildings is 21,237 sqm.

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Glostrup Office Property

The Property constitutes of 5,866 sqm (excl. parking garage) office and ground floor retail space and is exposed to the main road in a building structure divided as commonhold units. The Property is located in Glostrup, approximately 10 minutes outside Copenhagen.

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Odense Commercial Property

The Property consists of four separate building structures, constructed between 1950 and 2000. Gross lettable area is 28,652 sqm. The Property is located in the harbor area of Odense, an area that was previously a regional industrial hub. Odense serves as the undisputed capital city on Funen, the is...

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The acquired residential area, is located a few hundred meters from the railstation, was built in 2010. The 57 residential units are split between 18 apartments and 39 houses comprising a total lettable area of 5,457 sqm. The units are well suited for both single occupancy and families and are betwe...

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The 8 houses were constructed in 2008 and each includes 4 large appartments. In total, the 32 residental units have a total lettable area of 3,872 sqm. The apartments comprise 121 sqm per unit, which are well suited for families. The portfolio is located in an attractive residential area east of the...

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58 residential units built in 2008, and was the same year awarded with a “beautiful building” award by the municipality of Slagelse. The residential units are built as detached houses over two floors and with a separate garden. The complex is located in a centrally located attractive residential...

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Huddinge Mixed Portfolio

The portfolio consists of three multi-let interconnected 3D-properties, located in Flemingsberg, which is part of the Huddinge municipality in southern Stockholm. The properties are LEED Gold certified and fully let, and was built in 2016.

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The property was originally built in 1949 and was refurbished and expanded in 1992 and partly refurbished again in 2013. The property is located relatively close to the property Vat83 in a developing area with good infrastructure. It is a flexible property comprising 6,204 sqm lettable area.

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5,900 sqm office/warehouse property located directly adjacent to the modern multi tenant office property (Vandtårnsvej 83, Søborg), that was acquired by Niam in December 2013. The property was previously a scrap metal facility, but now the storage/warehouse premises have been sublet.

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