Niam Niam

Experienced management

Niam's management team and senior real estate team consists of people with significant experience from the real estate market. They all possess great knowledge in identifying, acquiring, financing, managing, reporting and selling complex and management-intensive properties.

Niam's management team: 

Jennifer Andersson, Managing Partner
Rikard Henriksson, Managing Partner 
Daniel Andersson, Head of Acquisitions Sweden
Mathias Pedersen, Chief Financial Officer
Hanna Bedinger, Head of HR

Niam’s senior investment team: 

Michael Berthelsen, Investment Manager Denmark
Antti Muilu, Investment Manager Finland
Torstein Bomann-Larsen, Investments Norway
Daniel Andersson, Investment Manager Sweden 

All Niam's active funds have a transaction committee that decides on the acquisition and sale of properties. The committee consists of people with experience from different business sectors, such as real estate, development, finance and capital markets.